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Windows PC hjelp


Windows PC support.

  1. Are you going to reinstall Windows, but you don't know what to back up ?
  2. Are you using a great program that makes your computer work like a snail ? The solution is to lower it's priority.
  3. Are you trying to watch a movie, but you get a message about missing Codec ?
  4. Do you think the computer is infected with a virus or something and need help to remove it ?
  5. Is your hard drive almost  full and windows kinda slow ? (read the "Windows slow guide")
  6. Some computers let you control the CPU speed and what hard drive to boot from, but then you need access to the BIOS.


Read one of ourguide below and see if that helps. (If not, ask for help in our forums, it's open for everyone).


  • Windows Backup Guide
  • Windows Shortcut Keys
  • Email Backup Guide
  • Backup Internet Explorer Passwords
  • Open The Bios
  • Open Rar
  • Remove Spyware
  • Run Programs With Below Normal Priority
  • Windows Slow
  • Partition And Format The Harddrive
  • Could not find this item - fixed
  • Firefox Windows Media Player 11 Fixed

    PC Windows Hjelp

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