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If you want to do a fresh install of Windows, but are afraid you might loose something, this is probably one of the best ways to do it:

Usually there's only three important folders, you can make copies of them or read how you can move them to a new location further down. Making copies is not the best solution, because you'll duplicate everything. If you burn the copies to a CD or a DVD that's OK and quite normal.

Alternative 1. Copy everything.

mappe My documents

My Documents contains many of your important files. Most programs save their data in My Documents folder. The My Documents folder may contain subfolders such as My Pictures, My Music and My Downloads. Delete everything that you don't need.


My documents are located here: C:\Documents and Settings\your.Name\My documents



Favorites In Microsoft Internet Explorer you can tell the program to remember a list of your "favorite" Web pages, so that you can go back to them easily, without having to type in the address (URL) again. When you add a page to your favorites, you can jump to it again by clicking "favorites" on the tool bar and selecting from the list.


The Favorites are located here: C:\Documents and Settings\your.Name\Favorites


folder Desktop

The user interface, which is designed to represent an office desk with objects on it.

The desktop uses program and data icons, windows, taskbars, and the like.


The Desktop folder is located here: C:\Documents and Settings\your.Name\Desktop


If you want to make copies, don't open the folders!

Just copy them and store them on a different hard drive or burn them on a CD or DVD.


Alternative 2. Move the folders, not making copies.

Remember! We are moving these folders because we are going to install windows afterwards.

Notice! Check that there's enough space available before you start moving them!

If you have My Documents in the start menu or on the desktop try this:

  1. Right-click the folder and choose properties.
  2. In the "Target" box, Write the new address.
  3. If it says c:\documents and settings...
  4. change it to 'D:' or another hard drive on your system. (It has to be another hard drive!)
  5. Click OK.


All shortcuts now point to the address you wrote in the target box.

Alternative method:

Go to - C:\Documents and Settings\your.name\


1. Select My Documents

2. Click the edit menu

3. Choose; Move to folder...

4. Choose where to put it on the other hard drive.

Repeat this with your favorites and the desktop.


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