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Need For Speed Underground


Need for Speed Underground is EA's attempt to get involved in the Fast and furious trend sweeping across all continent, and we have to say it has been a full success. Underground isn't a realistic simulation, but it's not trying to be so either. The graphics are really cool and users that love cars can play with this game just for the fun of painting and styling. You earn point for driving nice or shall we say well, but it lacks some realism, since you can't total the car. You collect style points regardless of what mode you're playing, and you can unlock rewards every time the style points meter is full.

Need for Speed Underground contains many descent cars, but some of them are kind of boring...


Visual upgrades has a positive effect on your car and purchasing spoilers, body kits, replacement hoods, neon's, headlights, taillights, or window tinting for your car, increases your reputation rating. When your rating gets higher, the bonus you get on your style points lets you unlock rewards more quickly.

Need for Speed Underground is well designed, and offers 111 challenges, so there's no need to stop driving.

Need for Speed Underground contains Circuit racing, Drag racing, Drift and so on. Drift racing is all about power sliding around turns and proper use of the emergency brake is the key.


You are supposed to make a career in the "go Underground" Mode, and if you keep on winning games you get higher up in the system. The game can be very challenging if you choose something other than "normal" when you start a new career. In the beginning it feels kind of easy, but it becomes harder at the end, and some of the levels will make you cry... guaranteed!

Need For Speed is a game you have to try.


Need for Speed Underground Trainer +5
Unlimited Cash, Style Points, NOS; 1 Lap Race, Engine Doesn't Blow.



Need For Speed Underground


Need For Speed Undergroung PC Cheats

Select the 'Statistics' option at the main menu, then press DELETE to return to the main menu. Then, type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect - Code

Petey Pablo - gimmeppablo
Lost Prophets - needmylostprophets
Rob Zombie - gotcharobzombie
Mystikal - havyamystikal
Circuits - gimmesomecircuits
Drag Circuits - gimmesomedrag
Sprint Circuits - gimmesomesprints
Unlock Drift physics - slidingwithstyle
CarCode - 350Z350350z
Tiburon - 667tiburon
Peugeot - 77peugeot
Eclipse - 899eclipse
Focus - 119focus
Impreza - 371impreza
Lancer - 222lancer
RX7 - 777rx7
Miata - 221miata
Golf - 334mygolf
Sentra - 922sentra
Neon - 893neon
Skyline - 111skyline
S2000 - 2000s2000
Civic - 889civic
Supra - 228supra
240SX - 240240sx
Integra - 342integra
Celica - 239celica
RSX - 973rsx777


All drift tracks: driftdriftbaby
Level 1 performance upgrades: allmylvloneparts
Level 2 performance upgrades: allmylvl2parts
Level 2 visual upgrades,no vinyls: seemylvl2parts

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