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Back up mail, addresses and mail accounts.

Save/move mail to a new folder.

(Outlook Express)

  1. Make a new folder on your second hard drive, call it "Mail"
  2. From the Outlook Express Tools menu click Options.
  3. Choose Maintenance, and click the 'Store Folder' button.
  4. Copy the address.
  5. Open the start menu, click on run, paste the address in the box and click OK
  6. Copy all the files in that folder and paste them into your new "mail" folder.

To restore the backup data, just copy it back to the directory. Or change the address in the 'Store folder' settings.


Save your mail accounts.

(Outlook Express)

  1. From the Outlook Express menu, click Tools,  Accounts
  2. Export and specify the name of the file to save the settings. Be sure to save this information for every account. (Save them on your second hard rive).
  3. Repeat until all accounts are saved.


Alternative Method:

Data about your mail and news accounts are stored in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Account Manager. To save this data, start RegEdit and select that key in the left-hand pane. Then from the menu select Registry, Export Registry File. Save the file to a name like "My-outlook.reg". 

 To restore the accounts just, right-click the .REG file and select Merge.

Save the Address Book (Outlook Express)

  1. From the Outlook express Tools menu, select Address book...
  2. In the Address book, click File, Export, and Address Book (WAB)...
  3. Choose where to save the file and give it an appropriate name. (If this is supposed to be a backup, save it on your second hard drive and call it backup-date-year.)
  4. Click the "save" button.

To restore the Address book, Click the Outlook express Tools menu and select Address book... In the Address book, click File, Import, Address book (WAB)... That's it.

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