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Could not find this item - fixed

If I try to rename, move or delete any folder in my system

I get "Could not find this item" with the choices "Try Again" and "Cancel".


When I click "Try Again", it always succeeds.

(Almost always, I have to say).


Luckily there's a quick fix for it.


Download this registry key and import it. You don't even need to reboot, it works instantly.


This is for Win7 x64. Use it at your own risk.


This is for Win7 x32. Use it at your own risk.



For the files I could not move or delete I downloaded this great FREE utility called MoveOnBoot.

MoveOnBoot: Rename, Move, Delete Locked Files and Locked Folders
A free tool for handling files and folders, locked by Windows, system services or other applications. Using it, you can rename, move or delete any locked file or folder at the next system restart. Read more...


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